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i all, Tessa here. This is a great space for us to connect, ask questions, share links, resources, ideas, continue discussions and keep an online community alive as needed. I have made this an unprotected Wiki site, so that we can all own this space and use it wisely to generate and share material to support each other as facilitators of adult learning.

One thing would be to ensure that this area meets our needs online (authentic and practical use of the tool) and as a learning community, so I would love some reflective feedback on how this is working and ways in which it could be improved. Lave and Wenger (1991) originally described a Community of Practice as "... a set of relations among persons, activity and world, over time and in relation with other tangential and overlapping CoPs".... For the purposes of the discussion of CoPs in this section we will simply add (1) that members of CoPs have a shared set of interests and motivated to do something about them and (2) that CoPs are self-generating, the membership is self selecting and they not necessarily co-located.

With this in mind, an online collabroative area like this will only work if it serves the needs of our learning community. It will be serviced equally by all who choose to partake and actively contribute. So please feel free to alter these pages (edit page) or start forum discussions in the discussion tab associated with each page.

Based on the original questionaire sent out, I have set up several areas that can be accessed to meet needs as they arise. They are:

Other links for communication include: access code is ictpd
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