Addressing Cluster Needs

Anyone who has any queries or current experiences to discuss, please feel free to add here. You can also add files, media imbedded files and images to this page.

Invite to Discussion:

If sustaining progress beyond the contract is a goal we work towards, then what are we sustaining? Is it ICT or is it a learning community – in a school or across the cluster?

How do we go about this?
How can we grow common needs professional learning communities, within and across schools?
How can we sustain ICT skills development within/across schools?
How can we sustain quality teaching and learning professional development?
How can we access other forms of funding for incentives for staff to meet?
How can we utilize other contracts to help sustain cluster development beyond the contract?
How can we sustain infrastructural issues (equipment etc)?

Please feel free to add to the current online conversations about "What Makes a Cluster Strong" and "Who Makes a Cluster Strong" in ICT PD online.

There was a fabulous Central North Island Regional Development Meeting on 25th Aug about the issues of sustainability. Vince Ham attended and shared his findings on the research clusters. This was a fabulous day that folllowed an inquiry trail around this very issue. Clusters were able to discuss what works well in their clusters already and what would need to be sustained. Great resources relating to this can also be found in ICT PD online.

And some great collated discussions around what makes a cluster strong... from the Top of the South Regional Development Meeting.