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What's on top?
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What is the NZ Curriculum doing?
What is the Ministry of Education advocating for?
What are current pedagogical theorists saying?
Where are these trends taking us?
How does this effect the ICT PD project?
How can ICT be imbedded in an authentic curriuclum? How would we know ? EPS


ULearn06; the ICT PD cluster schools conference, September 2006

The 10 key questions

There are currently reflective comments and feedback, links and resources are organised under the 10 key questions for Ulearn. Once again rich conversations are currently being led by Pam Hook and Julie Mills in The discussions evoke debate around 'What is knowledge, knowledge building and innovation with references to powerful readings such as...
Scardamalia, M., & Bereiter, C. (2003). Knowledge building. In Encyclopedia of Education (2nd ed., pp. 1370-1373). New York: Macmillan Reference, USA

Other conversations currently online are found at

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Interesting read can be found at the Interactive Education website. Here a review of the research findings undertaken by The InterActive Education research project which set out to explore ways in which ICT could be used to enhance teaching and learning. Not a real eye-opener, but a succinct report which some schools might find useful in their endevour to reflect on the effect use and sustainability of ICTs in education. Interesting that England who has put an enormous amount of funds into equiping schools with new technoligies but has lagged behind in developing pedagogies that understand how these tools may lead to transformative learning. More interesting as well, is the fact that ICT is a curriculum area in England!

Having said that, some links to BECTA resources and whole school strategic Planning for ICT can be fund at



On my rounds of visits this time, I am endeavoring to ask Facilitators and Project Directors alike, about the sorts of things that need to be considered for the future... in terms of mentoring lead cluster personnel.The reponses have been honest and interesting. Trends and Issues are emerging as follows:
DISSEMINATION OF CURRENT MINISTRY DOCUMENTATION NEW DRAFT CURRICULUM More time allocated to discuss the ongoing considerations for the new draft curriculum. What does this mean, do we all interpret this the same? How do other schools see their own direction in terms of the new documentation? What are the possibilities? What are the pittfalls? Where can we get ongoing support for this? Collated resources online? NEW E-LEARNING ACTION PLAN FOR SCHOOLS SYNERGIES WITH OTHER CONTRACTS LINKS WITH BEST EVIDENCE SYNTHESIS OTHER RESEARCH TRENDS NATIONALLY AND GLOBALLY
  • More quality time allocated to faciltiators and Project Directors for professional learning * Aligning the need above with different modes of communication, anytime, anyhow, anywhere (face to face and online) * Relevant responses to individual's needs such as: • Project Director support (clearly align what it means to be a Project Director) • Issues on the spot • Relationships issues (dealing with difficulties) • Art of facilitating adult learning • Leading pedagogical change • Look beyond the needs of their own school • Over-committed themselves to other contracts • Building learning communities • Administration, documentation support • Resourcing ($13.60) per school eg laptops, dataprojectors, network, country schools • Laptops, with a commitment to good tech support • School aligning to Ministry standards • Whole school change in relation to Lead teachers and all teachers • Change of personnel on-going issues

I would be interested to hear from anyone else ...who has their own ideas to share... in regards to the National Facilitation team mentoring the clusters more. So, please feel free to edit this page.


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