Sharing of Ideas Resources for Whole School Change

Anyone who has any queries or current, relevant theories/resources and strategies to discuss, please feel free to add here. You can also add files, media imbedded files and images to this page.

Invite to Discussion:

• What is the role of directors compared to the role of facilitators?
• Consider how to steer the clusters in the direction you want.
• Discuss the process of a shared vision.
• How to support school change?
• How to maintain and sustain the use of ICT past the end of the cluster?
• Where they think money is best spent within the cluster and why?
• Look at readings on Leadership and Shared Vision.


I must learn to manage my time better so that this wikispace is live and active for all those interested in contributing new ideas and thinking. I get plenty of rich stimulous from several other social websites and if I was to be evaluated for my contributions in here based on the writing of Christopher D. Sessums who suggests, "Teacher weblogs could be assessed for symbolic processing in terms of how well an educator transmits or explains concepts for others, how well they lead discussions, challenge misconceptions or promote metacognitive reflection. From a situative perspective, educators could be evaluated on how well they provide community leadership, design community infrastructure, promote the development of social and discourse norms, provide mentoring or share problem solving" then I'd fail on all accounts.

However having noted that there several other blogs and wikis that provide rich stimulous, I would have to recommend the sharing of ideas from ICT PD cluster' perspectives in Jill Hammonds Edblog. In her blogspace she has shared stories about interesting experiences at the cluster/teacher/student level.

Other interesting sites for sharing from clusters include;
Bard Wired
Point England School
Around the World in 80 Days cluster event
Otahuhu ICT Cluster
I would strongly invite clusters to share ideas here, webpages, links, resources and any successful stories. As time goes on, I ma going to collect teacher dialogue, student voice and vignettes to build the resource sharing in this site.

Happy sharing.

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I often think that I am very privileged in my role, when I meet with such passionate people as they share their wonderful cluster stories with me. In this last round of visits, cluster leaders have been confident and reflective in their reporting while at the same time, the exiting cluster personnel are remorseful that the contract is ending. More time, more money is voiced often and yet, what amazes me, is when I visited the Flatbush (Nga Here ICT Cluster) on Tuesday 21st November just how far their teachers had come in such a short time on the contract.

They had a mini cluster conference where 14 teachers/students were able to share their ideas and outcomes in relation to ICT integration. I was impressed by several things I observed:

  • The confidence of the teachers sharing. This isn't always easy in front of your peers.
  • The diversity of the presentations shared.
  • The level of teacher/student ICT capacity. (Higher order processes developed in software applications such as drop down menus in Word).
  • The deeper understandings articulated by teachers as to HOW and more importantly WHY they were integrating ICT tools and applications into the classroom.
  • The validity of the content matched to the needs/interests and abilities of the students from this area. For example, one teacher had a child demonstrating their use of Comic Life and iMovie to present their work on Cars. This unit was developed around the issue that, "Young men are killing themselves in cars, is this ok"? Students then had to discuss their opinions for and against this argument and then create a Comic Life cartoon strip designed to persuade a wider audience. Other multi-media technologies used included, iMovie, Garageband, digital cameras and of course, the Internet.

DSC00094.JPG DSC00096.JPG Across all the clusters, I have had the privilege of working with– I am greatly impressed by the depth of knowledge, the level of ICT capabilites and the quality examples of student outcomes that I have observed over the last several weeks. I would like to thank you all for your willngness to embrace this contract and what that it means to "enable the 21st Century learner".