Sharing of Successful Facilitation Strategies

Anyone who has any queries or current, relevant resources, strategies to discuss, please feel free to add here. You can also add files, media imbedded files and images to this page.

Invite to Discussion:

• Share how your cluster provides PD to staff in schools and what has worked and what hasn’t.
• Share what have been the highlights of your time as facilitator.
• Share any planning or evaluation templates that have proved particularly useful or any other useful resources.
• Share what you are doing with your cluster website.
• Discuss how you deal with the different schools’ ethos and politics.
• Discuss how you move people from a skills driven program to a curriculum imbedded model.
• Share any readings that have proved particularly useful when running PD sessions.
• Share any ‘How to’ Sheets that have been used for workshops.
• Share ideas on use of ICT tools that you have seen in the classroom.
• Share any resources/links to successful facilitation strategies